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Oct 18, 2023 ... Your goal is to help the user by deeply understanding their queries. When presented with a vague or unclear question, you are programmed to ask ...See full list on If you have a question that Google can't answer, you can try these sites to get help from real people. Compare the features, pros and cons of Quora, Yahoo Answers,, Just Answer and more.

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Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you wantWelcome to the Questions Generator website. This website is dedicated to asking questions and all the fun that comes with that. Whether you're looking for questions to ask yourself or questions to ask people you know, you're bound to find high-quality questions that'll make you think and consider when coming up with an answer.Find out what people want to know about you. Ask questions and get answers on any topic!

This is the more formal way of asking questions. #3 Ask questions in French by changing word order. In ordinary sentences, the verb comes after its subject. In this type of question, the verb is put before the subject. In theory, you can use “tu” when you ask a question with inversion, but it doesn’t make much sense.Asking questions in Pyhton entails asking a question and accepting an answer from the user. This is achieved using the input (<prompt>) function in Python 3 or raw_input (<prompt>) in Python 2. The question is passed to the function as <prompt>, and the user’s input is accepted. Once the answer has been typed, the user can exit the prompt by ... Explore tutors Ask a question. 1. English. ... 80% of questions are answered in less than 30 minutes. Learn from a pool of 15000+ expert tutors; You can ask your question on this page, and we'll make sure your question gets seen and answered by our expert panel of gardeners! ( View past questions) Do not put your email address or phone number into this area! Check this box to be notified by email when you get replies. Check this box to signup for our awesome snazzy weekly newsletter.Ask definition: to put a question to; inquire of. See examples of ASK used in a sentence.

This question helps you better understand your manager’s motivations and values when it comes to managing your team. You can potentially uncover areas of improvement and show that you care about your team’s well-being and progress. Your manager’s response can reveal what they appreciate most within the group, and you can work to build on ...Ask questions, get answers, help others and connect with people who have similar interests.Some examples might be: unclog a drain, make toast slightly more brown, unjam a copier, etc. You could further the conversation by trying to think of the incantation that would go with the spell. Suggested read: 200+ Questions to Get to Know Someone For Real. 14. You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. ….

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2. Say the sentence that you want to confirm and then pause briefly. Tag questions are very easy to form because you only need to say the sentence you want to confirm, and then add a question phrase at the end. Start by speaking the sentence as you normally would with a short pause at the end.ASK US A QUESTION. Please use the form below to ask us your question. It should take no more than a few minutes to complete. To ensure we can respond as quickly and fully as possible, please provide as much information as you are able. We will be in touch very soon.

2. Ask open-ended questions. Another crucial step in asking a terrific question involves crafting it as an open-ended one. Open-ended questions are designed to prompt responses beyond simple “yes” or “no” answers, encouraging more elaborate and detailed replies.Add a question node. Select the Add node icon below the node under which you want to add a new node, and then select Ask a question. A blank Question node appears. In the message box, enter the question you want to ask. Under Identify, expand the list and select the type of information the copilot should identify in the user's response.

private chatting May 6, 2024 · Closed or “polar” questions generally invite a one-word answer, such as “yes” or “no.”. For example, “Do you drive?” or, “Did you take my pen?”. They could also include answers to factual or multiple-choice questions, such as “What’s your name?” or “Would you like tea, coffee, or water?”. They’re popular as ... sfo to chicago o'harefree kahoot games Find answers here. Ask Jeeves a Question. Just Ask our search engine any question! is a pretty good search engine, but you are here because you have questions about something. We are here to answer any question you have. Ask our search engine a question and we will try to answer it. It works quite well. Weird questions to ask your friends. If existence is just a simulation, what would be the name of the game? What would be the most disturbing thing to throw up? If you could change the sound of your farts, what new sound would you pick? (Silence doesn’t count.) fargo com Jan 8, 2021 · Summary. Especially when they find themselves in the midst of crisis and uncertainty, leaders should ask powerful and inspiring questions. Asking questions well can put you on the path to solving ... Whom is formal and is not used very often in spoken British English. It is, however, common in American English: Whom did you ask? [formal written, formal spoken British English] Who did you ask? [standard spoken British English] Practise this grammar in an exercise Question words / interrogative pronouns (1) Question words / interrogative pronouns… hampton inn akron fairlawnezpass nycsell gift card online You can ask your question on this page, and we'll make sure your question gets seen and answered by our expert panel of gardeners! ( View past questions) Do not put your email address or phone number into this area! Check this box to be notified by email when you get replies. Check this box to signup for our awesome snazzy weekly newsletter. When it comes to roofing, it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job. A residential roofing contractor can help you with everything from repairs and replacements to ... krystal vallarta Listen to “Question…?” by Taylor Swift from the album ‘Midnights’.Buy/Download/Stream ‘Midnights’: Get ...Here are 15 types of questions with examples: 1. Closed questions. Closed questions have two possible answers depending on how you phrase it: “yes” or “no” or “true” or “false.”. You can use closed questions to get direct information or to gauge someone’s knowledge on a topic. For example, here are some closed questions: what happened to newsmaxlowercase to capssamsung gear s2 Pomeranians are adorable and fluffy little dogs that make great companions. If you’re considering adding a Pomeranian to your family, it’s important to find a reputable breeder who...